VoiceThread Docs / Universal / Customizing your home page / Sorting your VoiceThreads

When you open your VT Home page, all of your ViceThreads will be listed with the newest one first.

screenshot universal-home.png

You can then narrow your view by clicking on the “Filter and sort” button next to the search bar and selecting a specific filter. This displays only the VoiceThreads that belong in the filter you’ve selected. You can select from the following filters:

  • All: displays all VoiceThreads from all filters
  • Owned by me: displays only VoiceThreads you own
  • Shared with me: displays only VoiceThreads shared with you by other people
  • I’ve subscribed to: displays VoiceThreads other have created that you have subscribed to
  • In my groups: pulls up a list of all your groups so you can select which one you want to browse, and then only VoiceThreads shared with that group will be displayed

After you have selected a filter, you can also sort the VoiceThreads that appear on the page by selecting a specific ordering from the same menu. The ordering options are:

  • Newest first: ordered by creation date with newest first
  • Oldest first: ordered by creation date with oldest first
  • Title (a-z): alphabetical order
  • Title (z-a): reverse alphabetical order
screenshot universal-filter-sort.png

You can also search within the selected filter by using the search bar at the top of the page. Search by title, tags, or author name.